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Mother Roots Gathering

8.-12. August 2018


We are filled with Delight to announce the
This Summer 2018!

Inspired by the Spirit Weavers Gathering in America and our deep desire to come together and celebrate our Womanhood

Inspired by the Spirit Weavers Gathering in America and our deep desire to come together and celebrate our Womanhood


Mother Roots is a sacred gathering for women.

A gathering to reclaim our roots, reconnect to the earth, the pulse of sisterhood, the tradition of feminine crafts and feminine healing.
It is a gathering where we learn the ancient feminine arts of rituals, herbal medicines, earth skills, weaving, crafting, music, dance, healing.

Together we strive to remember our ancestral power of femininity and the coming together in the circle of the Great Mother.

Come and celebrate with us the gift of sisterhood and sink deep into the roots of the Woman.


Our Values

We are hosting this Gathering for the 1st time in this Summer

This is a non-profit initiative


We strive to bring into life a community of us women, to share and to nuture our sacred Womenhood with one another.

Together we have the desire to build a foundation of new values. Authenticity, transparency, unconditional sister support and a collective nurturing
through this kind of community. We wish for everyone to feel abundant and loved in this healing field.

In here, we want to start to live a sisterhood that supports the common good –  that is appreciating, not competetive.

We will all do our utmost for this to be a meeting in which everything is invited to be, wishes to be expressed, heard and lovingly considered.

Where each one in her essence is as important and great as the other.


We need a lot of love, support and holding of the space to make this Gathering happen!


My dearest Women,

let us create something strong and wonderful!

Workshops & Ceremonies

Great Mother Opening Circle Ceremony

Mama Earth Cacao Ceremony

New Moon Ceremony

heartful ritual Concerts / Song Circles

Dragonwork – Waking up Ancient Wisdom

Weel of the Year Workshop

 Red Tent
Connecting to Nature Beings, Healing Trees

Herbal Wisdom (Moon Cycle Plants, Finding your own Medicine)

Female Solidarity WOrkshop

Wild WOmen’s Dance

Contact Improvisation

Energetic Womb Body Healings / Blessings

Cyclic Wisdom

Shamanic Journeys/ Medicine Circles

Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing

Intuitive Painting, Body Painting

Breath Work

Yoni Egg Workshop

Conscious Touch – Tantric Workshops

Kundalini/ Hatha/ Yin Yoga

Naked Yoga/ YOni Yoga

Bodywork / Massage Sessions anytime in the Massage Tent

Kids Workshops, Kids Yoga

We have many different rain save workshop spaces and we will hold 1-3 workshops at a time

We have one big main tent, many smaller tents, a stone circle, a big inside seminar room, and a lot of green space for all of these beautiful happenings


Our aim was to find a balance in the financing of this wonderful location, the
wholefood vegan supply and at the same time offer this space to as
many ambitious women as possible.
As a result, we have decided for different ticket options from which every women can choose freely.

A ‚sliding scale‘ based on self-estimation.

The limited numbers of tickets were important to our safe financial calculation. It will be first come first serve.
We hope that this will allow women with lower income to still attend such a Gathering.
We believe in supporting each other to create abundance, each one in their financial ability.

Please tick all three options (Ticket, Food, Camping) and pay all at once

 if you are not intending in bringing your own food or sleeping in another accomodation than our location.

Regarding the Food and Camping Pass you can also pay by day if you cannot come for the whole time.

At the Moment we only have Paypal as a Payment method. If you don’t have Paypal please contact us through Email and we will give you Transfer Details.

20x Root Sister Tickets

95 €
  • + Full Time Food Pass 60€
  • + Full Time Camping Pass 48€

35x Angel Sister Tickets

135 €
  • + Full Time Food Pass 60€
  • + Full Time Camping Pass 48€

20x Guardian Sister Tickets

175 €
  • + Full Time Food Pass 60€
  • + Full Time Camping Pass 48€


Further Information

We have 75 regular tickets to sell.

For the teachers and team with a given suggestion the ticket price is free to choose, depending on self-estimation.

All in all we will be up to 120 people plus children.

When the 75 tickets will be gone you can still register for the waiting list.

In case of cancellation of the ticket we hope that there will be enough registrations so that we can just add the next woman in the waiting list.
If this will not be the case it can be that after the 19th of July we will not be able to pay back the whole price (three weeks before the Gathering).
Best would be then that you will look around for someone to take your ticket.
Hopefully the list will be full and it will be an easy change for all!

If you cannot come at all but you have the possibilities and the inner drive to support this Gathering and the whole vision, there is an option to donate without buying a ticket.


Please let us know in your ticket order checkout if you are coming with children.
For your kids please give a donation depending on the age and your estimation.
Children from 16 are paying a normal ticket.

We will have a kids space with care takers.

As there is a small and still vivid river right at the edge of the location please bring water wings for your children for safety.
We will call upon every woman to have an eye on kids playing in the water. There has never been any occurence and we trust in the collective care-taking mother energy. Still we felt it was important to let you know about that.

Generally we claim self-responsibility for yourself and for your kids.

There will also be an exclusion of liability letter for everyone to sign at the beginning of the event


We have wonderful cooks that will give us delicious nourishment with all of their love and dedication.

Also this location provides us with an osmose water filter and water energizer.

The food will be most of all vegan, with some gluten-free (wheat-free) and raw options.
If you have a certain strict diet please let us know so we can hopefully take care of that.

The veggies will be delivered straight from a lovely ambitious guy of Naturkost Lindenhof who pricked in the exact plants that we ordered in spring so that they will be ready by the time of the Gathering. Having seen the guy and his vision for this we already feel that the food will be planted with a lot of love and caring mindfulness.

If you have time before the Gathering starts at the 8th there is the possibility to help harvesting the food and also make pestos, passata, bread, etc. together with Fabian who started this initiative.
If this appeals to you then please get in contact with us!

This would be a way for you to safe money for the Food Pass or even the ticket too!


There will be a lot of space for tents on the soft grass and also
we have group sleeping rooms available with limited matresses. You can also come with your own camping car. These options will have the same costs (‚Camping Pass‘) because the water
costs, etc. will be the same.

There will be inside toilets with warm showers as well as outside eco compost toilets and an outside shower, besides the beautiful river to bath in.

If you are looking for room and space
for yourself there are many options to book a room in Einbeck, 10 minutes from the Huldersun Akademie by car or ca. 30 minutes by bike. 

We have
a list of accommodation possibilities available to send to you. There are regular busses driving and probably we will have options to organize a shuttlebus/ car sharing.


Huldersun akademie

Dorfstr. 10, 37574 Einbeck


Start: Wednesday 4PM End: Sunday 2PM

Start: Wednesday 4PM End: Sunday 2PM

By train

Take a train to Göttingen or Hanover, from there you can take the regional train to Einbeck Salzderhelden.


From Salzderhelden you can take the 230 bus. Take the bus to Einbeck Mitte ZOB and from there take the 250 bus to Hullersen. You will see the connections when you click on this link:


By car

From the A7 exit Northeim Nord in the direction of Einbeck, you reach the exit Einbeck West/Dassel in 15 minutes. From here follow the signs to Hullersen. After approx. 2km you reach Hullersen. 



We have a vision. The desire to bring women closer together and to have us connect deeper to our Mother Nature again. Leaving competition and comparison behind and recalling our connectedness and abundance. Supporting each other. Creating a world in which sisterhood is rising again, together feeling into our roots and crafted healing traditions, making them come alive. We encourage each other to our ancient feminine power. That is how we want to gather in August and celebrate our female bond. To truly perceive one another and to recognize our beauty.


No, of course not. You dress or undress the way you feel! Though nudity of others should be alright for you. Some beautiful nipples will probably take the chance to breathe freely.

Basically, yes. However, by woman we understand every living being that feels and lives itself as such and feels to go the feminine way. That means Trans-Gender women are very welcome.

Almost not. One young lovely man lives in the community house and wants to take care of his little plant beet during our gathering, and maybe take a bath in the river once a day. He is informed about what kind of event we celebrate and is prepared for possible nudity and the like. Surely there will be a safe space for us women where there will be absolutely no men and we will be able to unfold completely unobserved.

Still, this is an open property where people/men (that are not reading our signs at the street) would be able to walk in and where there are houses around not too far away from our happening and from the river.

So please come with an open mind and heart towards the outside world <3

We feel and know that it is very much possible to have a calm time among us at this wonderful location. We already experienced many similar events going on there that have been so wonderful.

Yes. And of course your boys as well as your girls. For your kids we ask you for a self-estimated donation. Thank you!

If you should have a dear dog that you do not want or cannot leave at home and would like to bring with you, please message us. We give about five dog passports. We cannot have too many four-legged friends at the packed area. Your dog has to be rather cat-friendly, because a dear kitty lives on the property. Also a new lovely puppy has just arrived in the community there.

Of course. We are aware that many of you have regular working hours and of course we are looking forward to your presence at the weekend! And it will be so much worth it for every day. Although we really hope that you can take the working days off so that we can grow and bloom together within our community as best as possible from beginning until end. The Main ticket price will stay the same due to our safe calculation needs but the Food and Camping Pass can vary depending on when you are with us.

Most of all, yes. With some gluten-free (wheat-free) and raw options. We pay attention to a healthy wholefood, which will be completely vegan, with additionally indicated cow’s milk options.

If you have a certain strict diet please let us know so we can hopefully take care of that.

That would be great. Several workshops are offered and whether this is yoga or not, such a mat and a pillow will be often quite practical. If you don’t have one we have a few we can borrow.

Oh, yeesss!


Motherroots Meetup

We have put a lot of effort into balancing cost of location, a
wholefood kitchen with experience of how to organise such a Gathering
and thereby of course also following the risk holding high costs.
When we decided to host the event at this location including secured kitchen facilities and other comfortable and safe circumstances, it was clear that this would imply certain costs. The place is so wonderful and in our view clearly worth the money.

The vision is to organize an
additional wilderness (Rainbow) Mother Roots Gathering next year, which would mean more freedom of money. So that women who live more or less money-free can also attend at such a Womens Gathering.

Here at this year’s Gathering our vision is to create a non-profit Gathering where some sisters that are able to pay a higher price and maybe even
donate become ‘Guardians’ of the Gathering. This is balancing out the lower ticket prices and makes it possible for women to also achieve the
ticket at low costs. If there is anybody who can not afford the ticket
we will strive to find a solution within our present abilities.

© 2018 Mother Roots Gathering

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